Conservative dentistry

Dental check-up Free (for our clinic’s patients)
Consultation 100 PLN
Dental anaesthesia Free (before procedures)
RVG (digital radiology) 20 PLN
Filling 130 - 300 PLN
Composite veneer 250 PLN
Tooth reconstruction on a glass fibre 350 PLN
Dental dressing 100 PLN


The prices provided include the required anaesthesia, X-ray, microscope-based treatment and use of rotary instruments.
1st endodontic aid 150-200 PLN
Endodontic treatment
- tooth 1-2 300 PLN
- tooth 3-5 from 450 PLN
- tooth 6-8 from 650 PLN

Pediatric dentistry

First visit + dental check-up 50 PLN
Milk tooth filling 100 PLN
Milk tooth devitalization 100 PLN
Amputation of a milk tooth 60 PLN
Milk tooth removal 50-100 PLN
Teeth impregnation (with silver nitrate) (3 visits required) 50 PLN

Dental prophylaxis

Scaling (usunięcie kamienia) *
Sandblasting (dental deposits removal)* 130 PLN
Fluorization (as an individual procedure) 50 PLN
Scaling + sandblasting * 200 PLN
Sealing - 1 tooth 100 PLN
- 1 point 100 PLN
- every other point 50 PLN
Dental night guard 350 PLN

Esthetic dentistry

Teeth whitening at the clinic 500 PLN
Teeth whitening by the overlay method 500 PLN
- each additional syringe 50 PLN
Dead tooth whitening (up to 5 treatments required) 300 PLN


Tooth extraction (excluding wisdom tooth chiseling) 100-300
Abscess incision and cleaning 50 PLN
Dry socket treatment - per visit 50 PLN
Tooth cap removal 100 PLN
Tooth implant (ALPHA-BIO system) from 2000 PLN
Chiseling (upper wisdom tooth) 200-300 PLN
Chiseling (lower wisdom tooth) 300-500 PLN
Root apex resection 300-700 PLN
Maxillary sinus lift 1500 - 4000 PLN


Porcelain-veneer crown from 700 PLN
Full ceramic crown from 1300 PLN
Zirconia crown from 1300 PLN
Crown on an implant from 1800 PLN
Adhesive bridge 1000 PLN
Composite Inlay/Onlay 550 PLN
Porcelain Inlay/Onlay from 1000 PLN
Composite endocrown 600 PLN
Porcelain endocrown 900 PLN
Temporary crown (made on site) FREE
Temporary crown (made by a technician) 100 PLN
Porcelain veneer without polishing 1400 PLN
Porcelain veneer from 1300 PLN
Removal of old bridge (1 point) 50 PLN
Glass fibre crown-root inlay 250 PLN
Metal crown-root inlay 200-300 PLN
Re-cementation of a crown that was not originally fixed at our clinic 100 PLN
Old crown-root inlay removal 150-200 PLN
Old crown removal 70 PLN
Elastic denture 1600 PLN
Acrylic denture
- partial 1000 PLN
- complete 1200 PLN
Microdenture (up to 3 points) 600 PLN
Skeletal denture from 1500 PLN
Splint denture 1500 PLN
Metal mesh for dentures 150 PLN
Denture relining 200 PLN
Repaired element of a denture 100 PLN
- every other repaired element of a denture 30 PLN
Repaired element of a denture 150 PLN
- every other repaired element of a denture – express 40 PLN
Dental night guard 350 PLN
Combined services and more complex procedures that are not included in this price list are priced individually in the clinic.
We accept credit cards
Payment by instalments on request